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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jesus Cares and Hears Our Prayers

God Knows Our Cares and Hears Our Prayers

When one of us is suffering,
As we know we all will do,
When friends and family hurt,
And our options seem so few.

Take it humbly to the Lord
Who hears all our prayers,
Who always stands ready and able
To let us know He cares.

He walked this earth and knows our pain
He understands our fear.
And when we think He does not care
Is when he's very near!

The answer may not come
The way we want it to,
But God in all His wisdom
Will help us see it through.

For it's in all of life's trials
That we learn to be strong
So that when another suffers
We can help him along.

What we must do is keep our faith
In the One who took the nails,
And never doubting, we can say
That our Jesus never fails!

Judy Drewett


  1. Judy, what a beautiful message. Thanks.

  2. Thank you, Lynn. That's just what was on my heart after I found out about my dear friend having a blood clot on her spine. Please pray for her!
    Love you,